Mesmerizing Thousands of Birds Swerving in Murmurations Over the Sea

A photographer has captured the mesmerizing sight of thousands of birds flying in Britain.

Photographer and guide Paul Goldstein says he has visited Snettisham Nature Reserve literally hundreds of times, yet is always intoxicated by the spectacle.

The Wimbledon-based cameraman says several times a year “vast murmurations of waders, particularly knots,” perform magical formations and patterns over the Wash estuary along the east coast of England in Norfolk.

“When the early light catches thousands of wings simultaneously, combined with the haunting rustle of countless wingbeats, it is pretty close to avian witchcraft.”

The location is a flagship of RSPB, the UK’s largest nature conservation charity, and draws birdwatching tourists especially in autumn and spring.

And it’s easy to see why.